Moira - 12th Night 2006

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Makin' Monkeys
Moira - 12th Night 2006
I finished the first sock Friday Night. I started the second sock, went to Saturday Morning knit group, discovered an error and started over. I am now coming up to creating the heel flap and hope to make significant progress today. I want to wear these sometime this week.

Three Large Photos under the Cut - The sun is out so natural light photos YAY!




Finished the Scarf of NeverEndingNess. That is now where it should be and off my conscience. Yay!

I have little else to say.

(Deleted comment)
I tried on US 1 with another yarn that was thinner for the first attempt and that was frogged.

These are of trekking XXL on US 1.5 and the do infact fit. I could have used US 2 and it would have been OK.

The design seem to draw the fabric in by a bit, so a sturdier sock yarn and larger needle seems to be best.

Oh, thank goodness. For a moment I was afraid you were making a sock monkey. I already have one that Urtatim made me. (He is scary and creepy looking and the rest of the monkeys will have nothing to do with him.)

There are lots of sock monkey patterns out there.
Sock Monkey Hats
Sock Monkey Socks etc........

Sock monkey sized asshat? You still need to make those.

Do you really need the sock form?

No - it helps present the sock.
Aesthetics only in this case.

I have one pair that I have to dry on this form, otherwise it just gets seriously stupid.

Ah so depends on the sock yarn. Got it. I just scored some cotton with 1% spandex yarn for free. Is that the kind you use for socks?

I have not made cotton socks ... yet.
But I would think those might make some nice socks.

I typically use sheep wool or alpaca (LOVE alpaca socks bestest of all.)

So ok I have a ton of alpaca for the soul purpose of socks. The ladies at Green Planet said, "Ohs noz! That wont hold up at all!"

So do you double it or have a second thread of something with the alpaca? Because that is why I bought the alpaca. I was thinking socks and gloves.

I love my alpaca socks. As soon as they are dry after cleaning they are the first pair I wear.
I love them Love them love them to distraction.
The brand I used was alpaca sox and I never thought about wear and tear. When they wear out, I will make more. I will know that they gave their lives bring me squooshy feet of happiness.

That or gloves.

I have an irrational love for alpaca. That stuff is CRACK!

Oh I am so lame. Loving the pattern you did on the socks.

This is the Monkey Socks by Cookie A that you can find for free on

Another good source for free patterns are Wendy Johnson for Toe Up and Loopy Ewe for more free socks.

Ravelry is also a treasure trove.

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You have sock blockers.


They are easily available ....


We could make you some

Think about it.... *grin*

See you tonight?

1. Trying to not spend money I don't need to.

2. Make them? How how how? I have some plastic placements I was going to try to make some with, If you'll let me borrow yours..... I'd have a template. Bwahahahaha

Yes you will and did. :-)

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