Moira - 12th Night 2006

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Moira - 12th Night 2006
I had forgotten how beautiful that piece was. In High School I fell in love with Copeland since we performed several of his pieces for band. Appalachian Spring was my favorite and a complete joy to perform. Those works have always moved me and seeing the arrangements played so stunningly brought tears to my eyes. I would have likely reacted the same had a Vivaldi arrangement been performed as anything by Vivaldi owns a piece of my soul.

I taped the Inauguration yesterday and we watched it last night. I loved Dr. Lowry's prayer, he made me smile. The poem could have been better in my opionion. But I am not a fan of bardic arts and I get impatient having to site through something that hold little interest for me. Funny that as I do enjoy good poetry.

I have many more thoughts on varying subjects, but voicing them is not something I can handle doing right now.

Check around on your PBS station. Michael Tilson Thomas recently did a series of programs on composers and I'm sure you'd enjoy the Copland episode.

Thanks - I will keep an eye out for this.

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